Meet the Designer

Braylon is more than just an interior designer… he’s a visionary. Braylon is a multifaceted person. He is a travel agent, church leadership major at Evangel University, creator and host of Enneagram Restored Podcast, and a member of the James River Church worship team.

In 2021, Braylon graduated from The Interior Design Institute with a diploma in Interior Design. In 2022, Braylon received a certificate of Sketchup for interior designers from The Interior Design Institute. He also became a proud member of the Springfield Design Association.

Design is an experience. It’s an experience that should make you go “WOW!” every time you step into a room. Design is an experience that should feel comfortable… it shouldn’t make you feel uneasy. It’s an experience that can bring joy, peace, hope and many other emotions. As a designer, it is my goal to do just that. Not only is it my goal as a designer to implement a design that makes you go “WOW!” every time, but it is also my goal as a designer to be a light in the dark for my clients and bring hope where hope is needed. 

Braylon’s Design Philosophy

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