Meet the Designer

I have a “hustler’s” spirit and I’m not afraid to take initiative which has led to me starting multiple businesses and programs. However, starting an interior design business is more than just a vision that has been implemented, it is a dream come true for me. As a young child, I always loved decorating for events (when it came to Christmas, I didn’t allow anyone else to decorate the house for Christmas) and I loved coming up with new ideas throughout the year that would give our house a refreshing look (most of the time, my parents never let me implement my ideas). My love for interior design has been imprinted on my heart from the moment that I was born, and that’s when I finally had the opportunity to enroll in The Interior Design Institute, I didn’t hesitate to enroll.

I graduated from The Interior Design Institute with a diploma in Interior Design in October 2021. And immediately I began buliding Morningstar Interiors, and I officially launched Morningstar Interiors on November 12, 2021 (it was my birthday gift to myself). Early In 2022, I received a certificate of Sketchup for interior designers from The Interior Design Institute.

I value community. In fact, one of the founding principles of Morningstar Interiors is that clients become family members when they choose to work with me. My heart for community is why I am a proud member of the Springfield Design Association and The Network (Springfield Chamber of Commerce’s organization for young professionals).

In addition to the love I have for interior design, I also have a love for podcasting and worship. I’m the creator and host of Enneagram Restored Podcast and a member of the James River Church worship team.

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